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ConnectLocal is still in midst of the detailed process of collecting site traffic and demographics to be able to set official advertising rates.  

As soon as I can provide detailed and useful information about the traffic on ConnectLocal.News and our social media and newsletter outlets, I will post an official rate sheet. 

Until I have accomplished that objective, I am offering the following "Startup Special" on basic display ads and sponsored content. 

Listed below the Startup Specials are a basic set of statistics on web and social media traffic during our first 90 days. 


Square (20 x 250 px) - $15/week

Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600 px) - $20/week

Leaderboard (975 x 90 px) - $25/week


Regular Content Sponsor:  Advertiser identified as partnering sponsor of one of several regular content sectors via both text identification and addition to content header graphic (see example below) - $50 to  $100/month depending on frequency of content.

     * Police Blotter

     * Sheriff's Blotter

     *  Restaurant Scores

     *  City/County Commission Meeting briefs

     *  Real estate sales report










Featured Content Article to be posted to the features section of ConnectLocal.News, in the same manner as a ConnectLocal story, with a “Sponsored Story” header. May include up to three graphics (photo, short video, graph, etc) and up to 1,000 words .

Post will remain on the home page featured content in the Features section for the full week. (This special can also be run in the Sports or Editorial section of the home page – no sponsored content will be run in the News section of the Home page).

You provide the content: - $50,/week

We create the content: - 1 week $75 to $100, depending on complexity of content),  

Prices are for a 7-day period unless otherwise stated.

Display ad prices are for one page placement (page of your choice) of a ready-to-publish ad (jpg and gif files accepted).


Discounts will be offered for multiple weeks and/or multiple pages.


Ad design and creation services available. 

Free Press Patrons



Cash donations are always welcome, and gratefully appreciated.


In-Kind donations are equally welcome. If you can provide goods or services necessary to the running of ConnectLocal, or goods and services that free up otherwise dedicated personal funds to be funneled into covering the expenses of running ConnectLocal, those donations are also always gratefully appreciated.


Labor donations: Currently, and for any foreseeable future, ConnectLocal is a one-woman program. Assistance in terms of labor – Ideas and offers of assistance - whether that is helping sell advertising (much needed help!), help in covering local news and events that I am not able to cover (especially local school and school sports coverage), accounting and tax help, grant application help.,web design assistance or other assistance with the production of the paper, would be a big help in making it through the notoriously difficult first year of a business.

Local businesses, area organizations and clubs, or individuals, who would like to host one or more of ConnectLocal’s ‘Coffee & Conversation’ (and perhaps a ‘Cocktails and Conversation’ forum or two) are actively being sought.


Let me know how YOU would like to support local journalism and become a Free Press Patron

Free Press Patrons will be featured on a Patron recognition page, and will have free upgrades for community calendar, announcement and classifieds postings. 


*Note: In addition to donations of the above listed, I am willing to consider a “barter” system for advertising space in exchange for the above-listed items or services, and am happy to discuss possible barters.



Last 3 months  /. last 4 weeks 

Visits – 123,244 / 47,940

Unique Visitors – 56,775 / 26,271 

80-90% of traffic is from mobile platforms



Post views – 139,979 / 54,848 

Unique Post Views –  56,456 /25,788

Shares – 804 / 344

Facebook - last 28 days 

Page Likes - 697 (up 221% from previous 28 days)

Page Views -8,606 (up 277% from previous 28 days)

Post Reach - 50,,980 (up 156% from previous 28 days)

Post Engagement - 73,673 (up 130% from previous 28 days)

Video Views - 2,769 (up 393% from previous 28 days) 

Page Followers 2,154 (total)

Page likes 2,055 (total)


George Washington once referred testily to the “infamous scribblers” who covered his administration. But our revolutionary forefathers knew that when the press examines the actions of government, the nation benefits. News organizations expose corruption and cover-ups, deceptions and deceits, illegal actions and unethical behavior—and they hold our leaders and our institutions accountable. (Charles Koch Institute)

Freedom of the press is what provides for public oversight of elected officials and agencies, from the White House to the Stephens County Courthouse and Toccoa City Hall. Freedom of the press is what allows ConnectLocal.News to pursue their underlying mission: Public-interest journalism.

This freedom of the press – often shorthanded to “Free Press” however, isn’t meant to indicate that the labors of journalist and the products of media companies should be made available to citizens at no charge. However, in the case of ConnectLocal.News, that is exactly what we are endeavoring to do.


As we navigate the murky waters of not-for-profit qualifications, and while we scramble to qualify for a number of independent journalism grants for 2021, we struggle to cover expenses without charging subscription fees. There is a twofold purpose behind this decision.


First, and in full disclosure, several of the grants I am applying for require that the product of ConnectLocal be available, without barriers, to all citizens of the community. This means, no subscription costs.


And secondly, this matches my own personal mission of making sure that each citizen of Toccoa/Stephens County has access to the news and information that impacts their lives. News, to me, should be for everyone. However, bills must be paid, expenses covered, and wages paid, if this endeavor is to succeed, much less grow.

In recognition of that fact, ConnectLocal will be focusing on two streams of potential revenue: Advertising sales, and community support. Below are the details on each option. But please feel free to contact me if you have ideas about additional ways to support local journalism and ConnectLocal.News.

Contact Us to advertise, or become a Free Press Patron

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