Zoom facing barrage of security, safety concerns

Active daily users of cloud-based video conferencing service Zoom have shot up by 67 percent since January.

A slew of recently publicized “zoombombings” and hacks have ramped up concerns over the safety and security of the platform, especially as it applies to children utilizing the service for school-related projects during COVID-19 school shutdowns.

“Stories of “Zoomboming” and Zoom hacks are on the rise. Teachers are experiencing disruptive (although not criminal) behavior where users broadcast pornographic, racist, or otherwise vitriolic content, leading the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Boston office to issue warnings about the video conferencing software,” states an April 3 article in Popular Mechanics magazine. “And people, companies, and outlets have shared stories of unwanted intruders in, primarily, public Zoom meetings.”

ConnectLocal offers the following curated list of articles - including one from before the advent of the COVID-19 response - regarding the issue to provide readers with a comprehensive look at facts, analysis and information on the topic.

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