Watch your speed!

Stephens County Commissioners approve speed limit sign updates that includes some changes in speed limits on county roads.

The following speed limit changes, posting notifications and clarifications were unanimously approved in February by the Stephens County Board of Commissioners . The list of roads and the corresponding speed limit notations are part of a Georgia Department of Transportation-funded signage program.

A study, paid for by the state, is conducted by county personnel following detailed GDOT guidelines, and the results are determine what speed limits need to be enacted on those roads, or sections of roads. Some of the speed designations are changes in posted speed limits, some of them are changes in unposted statutory limits that will now be posted, some are unposted statutory limits that remain the same, but will now be posted, and the remainder are roads that had no posted or unposted statutory limit, but will now have a posted speed limit.

This GDOT program has resulted in several batches of similar updates that were adopted by the commissioners in the recent past, according to County Adminstrator Phyllis Ayers.


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