Travel limited, businesses ordered closed, city/county powers limited under Kemp's Executive Order

Following are the mandates as implemented in the Executive Order issued and signed today, April 2, by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, and which goes into effect at 6 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, April 3. The order expires at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 13.

A 10-person, 6-foot social distancing rule is mandated. It does not apply to co-habitating persons in or outside their home, or family units or roommates residing together in private homes, or entities defined as critical infrastructure; it does not apply to private residences.

All residents and visitors are required to shelter in place within their homes or place of residence, meaning remaining in the place of residence and taking every possible caution to limit social interaction to prevent the spread of infection of COVID-19 to themselves or any other persons unless they are:

  • Conducting or participating in essential service;

  • Performing necessary travel;

  • Are engaged in the performance of, or travel to and from, the performance of minimum basic operations for a business, etc;

  • A part of the workforce for critical infrastructure and are actively engaged in the performance of, or travel to and from, their respective employment

Essential services permitted pursuant to the provisions of this order are limited to the following:

  • Obtaining necessary supplies and services for family or household members. Preference should be given to online ordering home delivery and curbside pick-up whenever possible

  • Engaging in activities essential for the health and safety of family or household members.

  • Engaging in outdoor exercise activities so long as a minimum distance of 6 feet is maintained.

  • Necessary travel permit under this order is limited to such travel as required to conduct and participate in essential services, minimum basic operations, or critical infrastructure as defined by this order.

Minimum basic operations are limited to:

  • The minimum necessary activities to maintain the value of a business, etc., provide services, manage inventory, ensure security, process payroll and employee benefits, or for related functions. Such minimum necessary activities include remaining open to the public subject to the restrictions of this order.

  • The minimum necessary activities to facilitate employees and volunteers being able to work remotely from their residences or members or patrons being able to participating remotely from their residences.

  • Instances where employees are working outdoors without regular contact with other persons, such as delivery services, contractors, landscape businesses, and agriculture industry services.

All businesses, etc., that are not critical infrastructures shall only engage in minimum basic operations as defined in this order. Such entity shall also implement measures which mitigate the exposure in spread of COVID-19 among its work force.

Under the Order, "Critical infrastructure" will mirror what the US Department of Homeland Security identifies as “essential critical infrastructure workforce,” and those suppliers which provide goods and services to the critical infrastructure workflow as well as entities that provide legal services, home hospice, and nonprofit corporations or nonprofit organizations that offer food distribution or other health or mental health services.

The Georgia Department of Economic Development is authorized to issue guidance to any business, etc, regarding its status as Critical Infrastructure.

All restaurants and private social clubs shall cease providing dine in services. Take out curbside pickup and delivery are permitted.

All gyms, fitness centers, bowling alleys, theaters, live performance venues, operators of amusement rides, body art studios, hair designers, massage therapists and bars shall cease in-person operation and close to the public.

Persons required to shelter in place under this provision shall not receive visitors except in limited, specified circumstances. The provisions of this order shall be strictly enforced against nursing homes or other longer term care facilities, including inpatient hospice, assisted-living communities, personal care homes, and immediate care homes, community living arrangements, and community integration homes.

The Department of Public Health, the Department of Public Safety or any other State Department or State Officer deputized by the Governor, or the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, after providing reasonable notice, authorized to mandate the closure of any business, etc., not in compliance with this order.

The powers of counties and cities are hereby suspended to the extent of suspending enforcement of any local ordinance or order adopted or issued since March 1, 2020, with a state of purpose or effect of responding to a public health state of emergency, ordering residency to shelter in place, or a quarantine, or combating the spread of cCOVID-19 in anyway that conflicts, varies, or different from the terms of this order. Enforcement of all such ordinances and orders issued by suspended and no county or municipality shall adopt any similar ordinance or order well this order is in effect except for such ordinances orders that are designated to enforce compliance with this order.

Nothing in this order shall be construed to suspend or limit the sale dispensing or transportation of firearms or ammunitions or any component thereof

Any person who violates disorder shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Officials enforcing this order shall take reasonable steps to give notice prior to issuing citations or making arrests.


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