TPD Blotter: March 31 – April 20

Canon City Council member charged with simple assault for allegedly spitting at an employee of the Toccoa Walmart, turns himself in and is released on his own recognizance.

Several reports in the past month have resulted from altercations between business employees and citizens or customers. On April 1, a customer who attempted to enter the Toccoa Walmart via the Tire and Lube/Auto Service entrance at the back of the store. When an employee explained to him that the entrance was closed and he would need to use the front entrance, the subject allegedly became irate and spit at the employee.

The subject was later identified as Samuel Elijah "Eli" Brown and a warrant was secured against Brown for simple assault. Brown turned himself in at the Stephen County Jail on April 3 and was released on his own recognizance. No arraignment date has been set as of April 30. Brown, who resides in Franklin County, was elected to the Canon City Council in November 2019.


Incident: Officer dispatched to Locust Street in reference to trespass.

Incident: Officer dispatched to Currahee Street in response to a noice complaint/ATV violation.

Arrest: Sertain, Dustin A., 36 - Driving while licenses suspended or revoked, No proof of insurance, Disorderly conduct.

Incident: Officers responded to a residence on Myrtle Street where the owner had found a firearm inside the residence and asked for an officer to come and retrieve the item. Firearm was placed in evidence locker for safekeeping.


Incident: Officer responded to S. Pine Street in reference to a report of stolen pack of cigarettes and an air compressor that was borrowed but never returned. Complainant asked the individual be barred from her property, and notice was issued to male subject.

Incident: Officers response to a walk-in report of a juvenile child not listening to a parent. Report was filed and complainant referred to Department of Juvenile Justice.

Incident: Officers observed a truck driving unsafely, crossing double yellow line on Stephens Drive approaching Stephens Circle. Officers performed traffic stop.; driver showed multiple signs of impairment. Driver performed a field sobriety test that yielded signs of impairment. Driver consented to test of her blood and was transported to hospital for blood draw. While vehicle was being searched, a small clear Ziploc containing a white crystal-like substance was located in the driver floorboard.

Arrest: Stansell, Emily L., 30 – Possession of a schedule I controlled substance, Weaving over roadway, DUI-driving under the influence of drugs.

Incident: Officer responded to Walmart on Hwy. 17 Alt. in reference to male subjected who spit at a female employee when she explained to him that the doors coming into the tire department were closed and he had to come through the front doors. Subject was later identified as Samuel Elijah Brown (AKA Eli Brown) and a warrant was secured against Brown for simple assault. Brown later turned himself in.

Incident: Officer dispatched to a report of property found in a ditch in front of fire station 11 on Fernside Drive


Incident: Officer dispatched to a disturbance call at Wendys. Complainant stated a customer had come through the drive—thru and thrown his meal through the window at her. Suspect had left the premises by the time the officer arrived.

Incident: Officer dispatched to Emily Street in reference to stolen property. Complainant reported that someone had entered complainant's storage unit and took clothing and a television. Possible suspect is a male known to complainant.

Incident: Officer dispatched to Valley Drive in reference to a disturbance.

Arrest: Ruff, James A., 32 – Criminal trespass.

Incident: Officers responded to a disturbance at American Eagle 2 on Highway 17, where two females were arguing. One subject was escorted off the property and another was issued a barring notice.

Incident: Officers responded to a request from a property owner saying that there were people staying in her apartment and she wanted them removed. Subjects were advised to pack and leave, and the locks were changed.


Incident: Officers responded to S.Pine Street in reference to terroristic threats. Complainant stated suspect had threatened to kill her while she was at a residence on Busha Street. Complainant returned to her home and 911 was called. Suspect arrived at Pine Street and was barred from returning to the address.

Incident: Officer responded to Walmart in reference to a disturbance where a woman reported man had punched the window of her car because she refused to give him, and the complainant's sister, a ride to her house.

Incident: Officers dispatched to Mize Road in response to a report of damage to property. Officers viewed a surveillance video of a blue GMC extended cab pickup truck entering the parking lot, directly striking the pump with the front right of the pickup. The driver then parked near the store front and walked back to the pump and hung up the pump before returning inside the store and making a purchase. Driver appeared to be a white male but was unidentified at the time. Damage was not realized until a customer reported pump not working approximately two hours later.

Incident: Officer dispatched to Davis Ave. in reference to a disturbance and verbal dispute between the neighbors about their dogs.


Incident: Officer responded by phone regarding a report of a lost utility trailer license plate.

Incident: Officer responded to Rumsey Avenue in reference to an animal complaint.

Incident: Officer dispatched to Davis Avenue and Big A Road in reference to a disturbance/dispute.

Arrest: Dixon, Marques S., 48 – Altering or counterfeiting pistol license, obstructing or hindering EMTs, possession of less than 1 ounce marijuana, carrying a concealed weapon.

Incident: Officer responded to KFC in reference to an intoxicated driver.

Arrest: Jeffries, Dylan E., 26 – DUI , Driving with suspended license, Disorderly conduct.

Incident: Officer responded to Walmart in reference to a female shoplifter that had been placed under citizens arrest. Suspect was “placed in handcuffs..transported to the PD for processing” and released on bond. Report lists no charges.


Incident: Officer responded to Belks in response to a complaint of harassment. A report was filed.


Incident: Officer responded to Exxon on Hwy 123 in response to a report by a customer who claimed she was harassed by an employee. Upon further investigation, the officer found that the clerk got irate with the female subject and cussed her and asked her to leave the store.


Incident: Officer dispatched to Midget Drive in reference to theft by taking.

Given court date: Stewart, James F., 48 – Disorderly conduct.

Incident: Officer dispatched to Burger King in reference to threats made by a customer whose food was not ready.


Incident: Officer dispatched to Collins Road in reference to property damage.

Arrest: Deal, Tonya J., 47 – Criminal trespass


Incident: Officer responded to a call on Prather Bridge Road in reference to a verbal domestic. Suspect had left the scene. Officer located suspect and conducted a traffic stop.

Arrest: Cordell Clayton L. – 33 – Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession and use of drug related object.


Incident: Officer made an arrest for public intoxication at the corner of Tugalo Street and Boulevard Drive.

Arrest: Sertain, Daniel L., 39 – Public intoxication.


Incident: Officer issued a barring notice at Quality Inn on Stephens Circle.

Incident: Officer responded by phone to complainant who stated he had paid $150 for an iPhone 11 Max Pro through Facebook Marketplace and never received the phone, and the owner now had placed the phone back Marketplace for sale for $225.

Incident: Officer responded to Stephens Drive in reference to a juvenile complaint of bullying.

Incident: Officers responded to N. Broad Street and Currahee Street regarding a report of a hit and run where the driver of one vehicle had left the scene.

Arrest: Bleckley, Wayne J., 72, Hit and Run, Duty of driver to stop or return to the scene of an accident.


Incident: Officer responded to Busha Street in reference to a check the complainant received via mail. When he attempted to process the check, he was told it was fake.

Incident: Officer responded to Skyview Lane in reference to a verbal dispute.

Incident: Officer dispatched to Walmart regarding a shoplifter already in custody. Suspect was placed under arrest and transported to Police Department for booking.

Arrest: Pruitt, Mary T., 23, Theft by shoplifting.


Incident: Officers responded to an address on Skyview Lane in response to a requested welfare check on the resident. Caller had stated that, while in phone conversation with the resident at said address, the resident stated there were people outside the doors and windows with flashlights, and then the connection was lost. Officers found that the person whom the check was requested on lived next door to the given address. While investigating the incident, drugs were located and the resident was arrested on related charges.

Arrest: Griffin, Mary A, 40 – Possession of less than 1 oz. Marijuana.


Incident: Officer dispatched to First Baptist Church on E. Tugalo Street in reference to a single vehicle accident.

Arrest: Howard, Brian L, 40 – DUI (Alcohol, less safe), Driving while licenses suspended or revoked, possession of open alcohol container. Bonded out by way of RoR, transported to his residence.

Incident: Officer observed a truck on Hwy. 123 with a pipe hanging in an unsecured fashion under the vehicle. Officer conducted a traffic stop.

Arrest: Breazeale, Cleoria P., 68 – Driving without a license. Bonded out by way of RoR.


Incident: Offer responded to walk-in report regarding harassment.

Incident: Officer dispatched to E. Whitman Street in reference to removal of a person.

Arrest: Trites, Jacob T., 25 – Warrant Service.

Incident: Officer dispatched to Peachtree Street in reference to a missing adult. Individual was located and safe.

Incident: Officer driving on West Currahee Street in reference to several calls regarding a driver who was failing to maintain traffic lane and traveling at a slow rate of speed.

Arrest: Cofield, James A., 68 – DUI, Weaving over roadway, Refusing to sign a citation.

Incident: Officer dispatched to S. Pond Street in reference to several dogs inside a fence that were attacking an older dog also inside the fence. No one was home at the residence. Officer approached the fence and the attacking dogs charged the fence. Officer used pepper spray to get the dogs off of the older dog. Owner arrived and said older dog was not normally kept in the fence with the aggressive dogs. Older dog did not appear hurt from a distance, according to officer.


Incident: Officer dispatched to power outage and tree on power lines at Zebos Store on S. Pond Street. Road was blocked and Georgia Power contacted.

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