Toccoa Police Lieutenants Eddie Neal and Charlie Littleton promoted to rank of Captain

In a noon ceremony today, held at Toccoa City Hall, Toccoa Chief of Police Jimmy Mize announced a re-organization of staffing within the department, and presented multiple promotions and leadership assignments.

“Now more than ever, police departments throughout the nation are seeing and understanding the importance of leadership training,” Mize said in the announcement to local media. “These challenges emphasize the significance of professionalism, respect and continuity.”

The new Leadership./Management Team at the Toccoa Police Department will include Head of the Detective Division and Head of the Patrol Division. Lieutenant Eddie Neal is currently Head of the Detective Division and Lieutenant Charlie Littleton is the Head of the Patrol Division, Mize explained.

“With the formation of this Leadership/Management Team, I am announcing the promotion to the rank of Captain for Eddie Neal and Captain for Charlie Littleton,” he said.

Additional promotions included:

Promotion of Sgt. David Sims to Lieutenant over the Patrol Division

Promotion of Cpl. Tim Morgan to the rank of Sergeant – Lead over C Shift

Promotion of Cpl. Mitchell Pharris to the rank of Sergeant – Lead over A Shift

Promotion of Det. Cpl. Denver Gunn to the rank of Det. Sergeant – Lead over the Detectives Division

Mize also announced the creation of a new “Uniform Detectives” program within the Detectives Division and advised that Cpl Kristi McKnight will be transferring from Road Patrol to this new program. Mize said he hopes to expand the Detectives Division in the near future.

“These achievements are well deserved by the officers and I know they will, continue to serve the Police Department and the citizens of Toccoa with dedication and leadership,” Mize stated.

Opening comments - Chief Jimmy Mize

Invocation - Dept. Chaplain Andy Childs

Eddie Neal, Charlie Littleton Promotions

David Sims Promotion

Tim Morgan, Mitchell Pharris, Denver Gunn Promotions


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