Toccoa City Streets: Rated and slated for resurfacing

Stephens County paving crews, through an Intergovernmental Agreement, have started working their way through a list of nine road sections of city streets that are slated for resurfacing this year. The work was approved last December by unanimous vote of the Toccoa City Commission and will use local, state and SPLOST funds. State routes are maintained by the state, and were not included in the Pavement Assessment report or the work schedule. A copy of the full Pavement Assessment Report is included at the bottom of this article.

City commissioners prepared for the project with a unanimous vote during the Sept. 9, 2019 city commission meeting to contract with KCI Technologies for a Pavement Assessments Project to review and rate all city-owned and maintained streets.

On Dec.3, 2019, Toccoa Public Works Director Randy Smith advised commissioners that KCI had completed the contracted pavement assessment.

"Based on (KCI's) overall rating and available funds, I would like to recommend that we submit a resurfacing project to (the Georgia Department of Transportation) for the LMIG 2020 (Local Maintenance & Improvement Grant). The City of Toccoa will receive $174,902.45 from LMIG. Our match (required 30 percent city matching funds) this year will be $52,470.74, giving us a total project amount of $227,373.19," Smith stated. "This amount, combined with our upcoming SPLOST VI of $488,801 would make a project total of $716,174," he added.

Smith recommended entering into an intergovernmental agreement with Stephens County, similar to the IGA the prior year for street resurfacing projects, allowing the city to utilize county work crews to conduct the resurfacing work.

Smith recommended a list of nine streets sections for the 2020 resurfacing project, based on the priorities noted in the KCI Pavement Assessment.

Commissioners accepted the Pavement Assessment and approved Smith's project proposal, including the nine identified streets for completion in 2020, with work to begin in the spring and be completed in November.

  • Skyview Lane from Big A Road to Morgan Street

  • Rose Lane from Big A Road to Skyline Drive

  • Rose Lane from Skyline Drive to Liberty Hill Road

  • Arlene Drive from W. Franklin Street to the dead end

  • N. Pine Street from W. Doyle Street to the dead end

  • Meadowbrook Drive from Hill Top Way to Poplar Street

  • Hayes Street from Big A Road to E. Tugaloo Street

  • Laurel Hill Court from Remsdale Road to the dead end

  • Elberton Street from Avon Street to S. Pond Street

  • Morgan Street from Collins Road to Davis Avenue

2019 Pavement Assessment Report


Blue - Excellent

Green - Good

Yellow - Fair

Purple - Poor

Red - Bad

The 2019 Street Resurfacing Project, also completed under an IGA with Stephens County to utilize their paving crew, cost an projected $1,062,838 and included 15 streets, according to early 2019 city documents.


State Routes in Stephens County


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