Toccoa AT&T closed until further notice

Effective tomorrow morning, March 21, the Toccoa AT&T store will be closed until further notice.

On Wednesday, the AT&T corporate office announced that they would be closing approximately 40 percent of the retail stores across the country. This afternoon, a second press release was issued, stating that additional stores would be closing, and that stores that remained open would institute limits on the number of people allowed in the stores at one time.

"Due to coronavirus, starting today we will begin to close additional AT&T stores across the nation, significantly reducing our retail footprint to a minimum number of locations required to serve first responders, healthcare workers, government users and our customer," the release stated. "Where possible, we will keep at least one retail location open within a 20-mile radius in urban and suburban areas, and just over a 30-mile radius in rural areas.  To locate a retail store that will remain open to serve your area, please visit our store tracker at"


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