Three-county auto-theft investigation nets four arrests, including one Eastanollee female

Hailey Allysa Bland, 18, of Eastanollee, is one of four individuals under arrest on charges related to a series of auto thefts and entering auto charges that spanned three counties.

From left, Hailey Allysa Bland, Blain Turpin, Anthony Christopher Bland, and Jesse L. Arredondo.

Following a 3 a.m. auto theft on Rock Creek Road on Jan. 19, the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office made several arrests, but advised ConnectLocal.News that identities of the arrestees, and the associated charges, were being held during questioning of the suspects.

“This is a multi-sheriff’s office investigation involving Stephens, Banks, and Jackson Counties," Shirley told ConnectLocal.News, adding that they were trying to get the suspects under arrest to identify other individuals who may be involved.

Contact with the Sheriff’s Office throughout the early part of this week brought no updates except that the investigation was still ongoing.

At 12:30 p.m. today, Shirley provided a press release to ConnectLocal.News identifying the individuals arrested, and their charges.

“This was a three-county theft ring. The suspected thieves began their crime spree in Jackson County, leading to Banks and Stephens Counties,” Shirley stated. “The apparent thieves stole the 2013 Ford truck in Stephens County and took items back to an unknown location in Jackson County. The Apparent thieves generally struck after midnight and would look for vehicles that were unlocked.”

Following is Shirley’s description of the search for, and arrest of, the three individuals who were involved in the Stephens County theft on Jan. 19.

“Night shift deputies were called Sunday morning early from a Rock Creek Road residence who state’s that his home security system and surveillance video activated and awakened the homeowner. He called 911 Dispatch while attempting to catch up to the thieves after they realized the homeowner confronted them. The thieves fled south on Rock Creek Road, losing control after striking a fixed object. They were able to continue and turned around turning onto Red Rock Road. They ultimately lost control again wrecking on South Red Rock Road at Highway 123.

“They fled from the vehicle leaving some of the stolen items, as well as the drivers license of one of the thieves was left in the drivers seat. They were picked up by the other unnamed suspected thief in the 2013 Ford pick up. All four traveled back to the Commerce area and let the unnamed wanted suspect out along with stolen items. The trio named above traveled back to Stephens County where they were seen by a private citizen who had heard about the thefts. He saw the trio in the truck and called 911 while trying to follow them. As deputies set up a perimeter another private citizen saw the truck abandoned on Pinetree Road. Witnesses saw the trio running through their yards and alerted deputies. Investigators and deputies knew where the female lived. A search warrant was secured and all three were arrested at Bland’s residence in Eastanollee.”

Shirley identified the the three suspects arrested in Eastanollee:

Anthony Christopher Bland, 20 of Homer. Charged with felony entering an auto theft and felony auto theft.

Blain Turpin, 17 of Baldwin Banks County, Georgia. Charged with entering an auto felony, and felony auto theft of a 2013 Ford F-350 pick up.

Hailey Allysa Bland, 18, Eastanollee. Charged with giving false statements.

Tuesday night, Jan. 21, Jesse L. Arredondo, 19, of Nicholson, was arrested and charged with felony entering an auto and felony auto theft. “My investigators along with Jackson County arrested him last night,” Shirley said. “He remains in the Jackson County Jail.”

The investigation is active and continues, Shirley said.

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