Sunny spring Stephens County day shows a community beginning to settle into a new norm

With confirmation of Stephens County’s first in-county confirmed Covid-19 positive test, Stephens County residents remain torn, judging by a proliferation of social media posts this afternoon, regarding whether the reaction by government and by fellow citizens is an overreaction, or an inadequate reaction.

However, even on a sunny spring day, a visit to Stephens County Recreation Area revealed residents enjoying the day while still complying with the county’s request for voluntary adherence to social distancing guidelines.

ConnectLocal.News arrived at Broken Bridges, the popular fishing and boating recreation area, at approximately 6 p.m. today , and although there were a significant amount of cars both inside the park and parked on the closed access lane on the other side of the road, ConnectLocal observed residents voluntarily and carefully distancing themselves by well more than the required six feet. No groups of more than 10 were observed, and most groupings appeared be family units.

Even at the boat ramp where the parking lot was filled, ConnectLocal noticed a good-natured and voluntary effort by boaters to give plenty of room at the ramp, waiting until one boat had been loaded or unloaded and the ramp cleared before the next person in line even approached the ramp.


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