Summer day camps OK’d, but no overnight summer camps

Childcare restrictions eased to allow 20 individuals in a single classroom, increased from the previous limit of 10.

The newest of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s Executive Orders (EO) in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic grants licensed child care facilities waiver to the ban on “gatherings” of more than 10 people. All Child Care Learning Centers and Family Child Learning Homes under the jurisdiction of Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (GDECL) will, instead, be limited to gatherings of 20 people in a single location. A “single location,” for the purposes of this restriction, refers to a single classroom, and GDECL regulations regarding staff-child ratios must be met.

All childcare facilities must, however, cease transporting children for any purpose other than transporting children between their home and the childcare facility, and social distancing must be adhered to, to the extent possible, during any transport of a child between the facility and home.

The term “camper” is defined as “any person (who) attends a Summer Camp as a participant. This provision shall specifically exclude those persons who volunteer or work at Summer Camps.”

Summer camps are defined as “Any entity offering organized sessions of supervised recreational, athletic, or instructional activities held between typical school terms. This term shall include those entities commonly referred to as “day camps.”

The directives of the new Executive Order, which goes into effect tomorrow, May 14, do not prevent efforts or activities necessary for any school to conduct “distance learning, research, administration, maintenance or preparation for the 2020-21 school year.”

Additional measures that are mandated for all child care facilities include not only the general mandates required of all Critical Infrastructure, and the standard hygiene, sanitation and disinfection licensing rules promulgated by the GDECL, are as follows:

In the event that the CDC issues guidelines for the operation of summer camps, those guidelines shall become the ruling mandate for said camps.

“No summer camps are permitted to host campers overnight until authorized by the Georgia Department of Public Health.”

Summer Camps must adhere to the measure required for all non-Critical Infrastructure businesses, and must implement the following measures:

Additional measures that must be implemented at all overnight summer camps, if and when overnight camps are approved by the DGPH, include the following:

Protections against a child aging out of Georgia Division of Family and Children Services programs and services is continued in this EO as it was defined in the previous EO, as follows:

Likewise, provisions of the EO do not “limit, infringe, suspend, or supplant any custodial arrangement created pursuant to the laws or constitution of this State or the laws or constitution of the United States, nor shall any person use any provision of this Order as a defense to an action in violation of a custodial arrangement by any court created pursuant to the laws or constitution of this state or the laws or constitution of the United States.

Specified measures that must be implemented by all Critical Infrastructure businesses, including childcare facilities, include:

Specified measures that are recommended for implementation by all Critical Infrastructure businesses, including childcare facilities, include:


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