Stephens County Schools: Off-grid learning options in the works

Stephens County School officials are not disregarding plans for students who do not have the necessary equipment or internet access to participate in online-learning, according to Deputy Superintendent Daniel Oldham.

"While our teachers are home, they have been instructed by our principals to try and reach out to parents to see if they have the digital resources necessary," Oldham told ConnectLocal.News in a phone interview at 2:30 p.m. today, March 17. “As of Thursday, we will have information packets and other means of instruction for kids that don't have the digital resources at home.”

Although faculty and staff at all K-12 schools have been told to work from home for the time being, and only principals, Oldham and Superintendent Bryan Dorsey are on site at school campuses today, Oldham said that they will be shifting at least small groups of staff back into the schools in the next few days, giving parents a chance to contact school officials if they need non-digital lesson materials.

“We are trying to get the number of kids, and who they are, so we can see how we are going to serve them also,” Oldham assured. “We’re working on it now. Every parent may not get a call before Thursday, but we’ll have some key staff (on site) soon to take phone calls and there will be more ability for parents to contact us, and us to contact them, so we can meet their needs,” he said.

Students who do have the internet access and hardware necessary to participate in the digital learning curriculum that is being prepared for rollout toward the end of this week will also receive further instructions Thursday, Oldham said.


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