Stephens County Schools cancel sports, limit school visitors

Stephens County School System cancels all sporting events, and restricts school visitation.

Following yesterday's comments by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp stating support for local leadership in decisions whether to close services, including schools, multiple school districts in the state have temporarily closing schools and entire districts. While Stephens County Schools are not cancelling classes, they are taking precautions, according to a release sent out by School Superintendent Brian Dorsey.

"As always, plans should be in place for emergency closings.  We will not be holding any sporting events beginning Friday, March 13, 2020, for the next two weeks," he stated. "Visitors will not be allowed past the front office during this period to reduce exposure from outside sources."

Dorsey stated that the school environment is a safe one, but stated parents must make decisions based on the family, and the child's safety.

"We do feel our students are in a safe environment, but parents are always a final decision maker concerning student safety," he said. "We will continue to provide the safest environment possible for our students and staff.  We have added additional cleaning supplies to our inventory and increased monitoring to high traffic areas to improve the school environment.  School will be open at this time and a review will be conducted daily."

ConnectLocal will continue to monitor school responses to COVID-19 as they are made available, and has again requested that the school system include ConnectLocal all informational releases so that we may help keep citizens advised.


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