Stephens County Has Better to Offer Than Alexander Stephens

Op-Ed Submission by Jonathan G. Post MA, MPH

Dear Editor:

As I follow the racial unrest around our country I think of the biracial kids in my own family.

What is the psychological impact of attending a school named after an undisputed racist I wonder? Before you think I am the person who calls everyone a racist here’s a direct quote from Alexander Stephens the namesake of this county “the great truth {is} that the Negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition.” That should end the debate for most people.

Even deeper I wonder what the psychological impact is on the white kids in my family. Is this the best role model we can hold up for them on what it means to be a white person? I know that it is not. I have been to Paul Anderson park and know about another man from Toccoa who preached love for all people through Jesus Christ around the world. I also know about Emory Johnson the courageous Black American Vietnam Veteran from our county who died to preserve freedom in our country. Can there be any dispute these are the kind of adults we want the children in our life to emulate?

The Confederacy is an important part of our past and should be preserved in museums and history classrooms throughout the nation. It should not represent who we are as people though in the present. I encourage you to urge local leaders to seriously consider the courageous act of renaming our county. Even if you don’t care about civil rights it will still encourage new business to want to relocate in the Toccoa area. It will give our county positive media coverage that will challenge stereotypes about who we as people from North Georgia are.

Most importantly if we share the Judeo-Christian values of the worlds strongest man it will enable us to be a witness to love for all people at a time of intense hatred.

Jon Post

Martin, GA


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