Stephens County E911 communications officer tests positive for SARS-CoV-2

County officials have confirmed that a dispatcher at the Stephens County E911 center has tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19.

The employee is quarantined at home with minimal symptoms, and contract tracing has been conducted in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Public Health to determine potential transmissions.

Every employee of Stephens County E911 has undergone testing for the virus, Stephens County Board of Commissioners Chairman Dennis Bell told ConnectLocal.

CDC recommended cleaning and sterilization procedures are being undertaken at the dispatch center, Bell said.

A emergency response protocol has been instituted for the E911 employees to assure continued operation. The seven employees who are on the same shift rotation as the COVID-positive employee will quarantine at home.

The shift rotation that was not exposed to the infected individual will go into quarantine for seven days at the E911 center, which is equipped for extended-stay emergency shifts, Bell explained. At the end of the seven days, employee conditions of both shift rotations will be reassessed and those quarantined at the E911 center will be rotated out for the next seven-day shift.

“There will be no interruption in operations at the E911 center,” he assured. “If it is necessary to bring in additional staff, we have a process to make sure that can happen."


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