Stephens Co. State Court: Those exposed to Covid or with symptoms will be excused from appearance

NOTE: ConnectLocal wants to stress that this information applies Only to Stephens County State Court...No other courts have implemented any new policies or rules, including waivers for appearance.

State Court Judge James Irvin announced the new policies today at noon. Court will continue to be held as scheduled in Stephens County, but any individual who has been to an area, either in-country or internationally, that is experiencing an outbreak, or anyone with symptoms of Covid is excused from appearance at a court date, including tomorrow’s state court session.

This includes plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses and attorneys.

No bench warrants will be issued and drivers license suspensions will not be issued during March and April, according to Judge Irvin.

ConnectLocal will update the story with a printed version of the entire release, along with a video of Judge Irvin’s announcement and additional court information at approximately 5pm


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