Stephens Co. listed with four confirmed COVID cases on DPH noon update

The noon Georgia Department of Public Health COVID-19 status update lists Stephens County as having four positive test results.

Yesterday’s reports at noon at 7 p.m. listed the county as having three positive tests. It is unclear whether the additional positive being identified by the GDPH is the positive case reported at Stephens County Hospital this morning in the Hospital’s morning update, or if it is the Toccoa City Employee who tested positive as confirmed yesterday by city and public health officials; this individual was tested and is being treated in another county.

Per the noon DPH report, there are 3,817 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Georgia, with 818 hospitalizations and 108 deaths. 58 percent of the confirmed cases are in patients between the ages of 18-59, while 35 percent are above 60. The ratio of male to female positive tests remains roughly even.

The total number of COVID-19 tests conducted has risen above 16,181, with 14,260 processed at commercial labs, 1,921 processed at GDPH labs.


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