Short Term rentals outlawed, temporarily, by Gov. Kemp Executive Order

In one of four Executive Orders enacted today, April 8, by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, private citizens have been banned from renting out residential properties or units.

"I have determined that in order to protect the lives of Georgians, it is imperative to temporarily prevent Georgians from becoming a vacation destination for out-of-state individuals,”states the Order, signed by Kemp today, April 8.“No vacation rental shall occur in the state of Georgia for a period beginning at 12:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 9 and extending 21 days until Thursday, April 30 at 11:50 p.m.”

However, Kemp exempts “hotels,” “extended stay hotels,” “campgrounds,’ and “commercial transactions.” The Order is also not applicable to any vacation rental with a fully-paid reservation agreement “executed or agreed to” prior to the enactment of the Order, which takes effect at 12 a.m., Thursday, April 9. Leases for property that are, or will be used for a persons primary residence are also exempt.

“This order shall not be construed din any way to prevent owners from personally occupying their own properties,” the Order states.

Transactions that are included in the Order, and thus banned for the duration of the Order, are:

“Any transaction for the lease or license to use residential property for residential or vacation purposes, that is facilitated by a third party broker, where the lease or license term does not exceed 30 days... and where the lessee or licensee is a private person.

Violation of the order will be considered a misdemeanor, and all state, county and local law enforcement officials are authorized to enforce the order.

However, “at no time shall law enforcement or any other state or local official disposes or evict occupants of vacation rental to enforce the Order,”, the order states.


Airbnb media relations was not available for comment. A recent message posted on their website states: To help battle the coronavirus, Airbnb is partnering with our hosts to connect 100,000 healthcare providers, relief workers, and first responders with clean, convenient places to stay that allow them to be close to their patients — and safely distanced from their own families. More than 4,000 hosts and hotels on Airbnb in Germany have signed up their listings to provide free and affordable housing to frontline medical staff all over Germany.

In addition, Airbnb has advised all hosts of the following policies, as stated by Co-founder, CEO and Head of Community Brian Chesky

Update to our Extenuating Circumstances policy:

Guests who have reservations made before March 14 that begins anytime on or before May 31, can cancel the reservation and get a full refund or a travel credit if they are impacted by COVID-19 and can’t travel.

We will pay $250 million to hosts to help cover the cost of COVID-19 cancellations

When a guest cancels an accommodation reservation due to a COVID-19 related circumstance, with a check-in between March 14 and May 31, we will pay you 25% of what you would normally receive through your cancellation policy. This applies retroactively to all COVID-19 related cancellations during this period. This cost will be covered entirely by Airbnb. These payments will begin to be issued in April. Guests with reservations booked on or before March 14 will still be able to cancel and receive a standard refund or travel credit equivalent for 100% of what they paid. You can go to for more details.

We are creating a $10 million Superhost Relief Fund

This is designed for Superhosts who rent out their own home and need help paying their rent or mortgage, plus long-tenured Experience hosts trying to make ends meet. Our employees started this fund with $1 million in donations out of their own pockets, and Joe, Nate and I are personally contributing the remaining $9 million. Starting in April, hosts can apply for grants for up to $5,000 that don’t need to be paid back. You can go to for more details.

We are making it easy for your previous guests to send financial support directly to you

We have heard from countless guests who are incredibly grateful for the flexibility of Airbnb hosts and are interested in supporting you financially. We are creating a way for guests to send a note along with a contribution to any of the hosts who they’ve previously stayed with. We expect this to go live in April. We know that even a little goes a long way during this challenging time.

We have worked together to secure support for hosts in the US Government’s recent COVID-19 Stimulus Bill

This legislation now allows for US hosts to take advantage of many relief measures, including small business grants, small business loans, and unemployment assistance. A huge thank you for the more than 105,000 calls and emails you made to members of Congress.


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