School closure Update: Week-to-week status; possibility of "extended closure"

Stephens County School Superintendent Bryan Dorsey, at 3:30 today, March 15, provided ConnectLocal.News with additional details regarding the Sunday-morning announcement of school closures.

According to the information provided to ConnectLocal, staff will receive updates from their supervisors on Monday, but should not report to work unless directly contacted.

"Schools will be closed until further notice. Closure will be reassessed on each Thursday for the following week. However, parents should plan for an extended closure," Dorsey stated.

For students and parents, instructional plans will be shared Tuesday afternoon through the system call alerts and web page.

"Operational plans, such as school nutrition, will be updated by Wednesday at noon," he stated. "Updates will be posted week days on the System web page by 5 p.m."


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