School Closure update: Online learning directions ready Tues; Lunch pickup program launches Thurs

Schools to provide details about online/distance lessons by noon Tuesday, and a system for providing lunches to students through a pick-up process is being put in place and will be ready for initial distribution on Thursday.

A 3:30 p.m. Stephens County School Systems closure update was distributed to local media by Superintendent Bryan Dorsey this afternoon, stating the indeterminate cancellation of all school system classes and activities remains in effect.

Each week on Thursday, the closure will be reassessed, but Dorsey advised parents to plan for "an extended closure."

"Schools will have in place on-line or emailed directions for instruction by noon on Tuesday (some teachers have already sent out). Teachers will be reaching out over the next several days by email to offer any assistance they can with distance learning," Dorsey advised.

Information regarding the launch of a lunch program provided by the school nutrition staff will be posted on the school system web page as well as the system nutrition web page.

" We are very concerned for our nutrition staff since they come in contact with more students than any other employee. Many of them are willing to help prepare meals for a pick up delivery at the middle school beginning Thursday," Dorsey said, adding that the initial processes for the meal program will be monitored to see if an expansion of the program is a viable option.

"Please be safe and encourage healthy choices for us all," Dorsey concluded.

ConnectLocal.News will continue to provide updates as released by the school system in the coming weeks.


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