SC Schools: Teachers working to minimize impacts of COVID on end-of-year grades

Parents will be able to have input on decisions regarding a student's grades and placement .

While Stephens County struggles, along with the rest of Georgia and the nation, to “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic’s growth, Stephens County School faculty and staff will be working to apply the new guidelines put out yesterday by the Georgia Department of Education for end-of-school year details such as grading, testing and graduation.

“We are pleased with the federal and state recognition that any standardized testing would be useless in this circumstance that is far from standard, Stephens County School Superintendent Bryan Dorsey told ConnectLocal early this morning. “Our principals and their teams are reaching out to students after spring break (some possibly before) about procedures for returning work if done from packets in lieu of online.”

Principals are working with school leadership teams to determine if the pass-fail option made available by GaDOE guidelines will be appropriate here in Stephens County, while the high school will continue to determine standard numeric-value grades for high school credit courses.

"Our teachers will be determining final assessments like always, but I know they have great appreciation for the unusualness of our current situation,” Dorsey said. “I feel confident teachers will do their best to minimize any negative impacts of Covid-19.”

In consideration of the unique situation brought on by the COVID-19 response and its disruption of the school year, there will be a heightened effort to address each student’s growth and progress on an individual basis – an effort that will include parents in the decision-making process, Dorsey said.

“We will also give each family the opportunity to have input as part of our team to determine placements should any questions or concerns arise from the school recommendation,” he explained. “Each child is an individual, and each will receive that consideration.”

“Our system is blessed to have a wonderful team that is working to make sure each student grows as much as possible during this challenge and will make the most of their return next school year,” he added.

ConnectLocal will be speaking with High School leadership today to learn about graduation details discussed in a recent online student/faculty meeting. We will publish an update on high school graduation plans as information becomes available.


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