SC Jail Booking Sheet: June 29 - July 5

To offer citizens a more complete overview of law enforcement activity within the boundaries of Stephens County, ConnectLocal will obtain, on a weekly basis, the Stephens County Jail booking/arrest sheets. These documents supplement the weekly Stephens County Sheriff's Office and Toccoa Police Department Incident and Arrests reports we publish by providing information on local arrests made by agencies outside our local sheriff and police officials. This includes actions by Georgia State Patrol as well as out-of-county agencies such as neighboring county sheriff deputies and specialty units. As these agencies do not provide incident and arrest reports outside their own distribution area, the county jail booking sheet is the only record of these arrests available.

As with the local reports, ConnectLocal will publish these as image files to avoid any confusion or miscommunication. ConnectLocal will redact similar information from these reports that we redact from the SCSO and TPD Incidents and Arrest reports, specifically street numbers, officer names, witness or complainant names and under-age arrestees.

Also, bookings records for arrests made by the SCSO and TPD that did not appear on the weekly reports from those agencies will often appear on this report. ConnectLocal will redact in full the booking report of any particular arrest that has already been publicized in the SCSO or TPD reports.


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