Roadways drenched, but little sign of severe damage or safety hazards

A brief tour of Toccoa and the outlying areas revealed a few trees down in pastures but nothing blocking roadways. While the only instance of running water covering a roadway was near Henderson Falls Park, A majority of city and county roads have standing water

In low spots and along the edges of the roads, especially next to sidewalks. This makes for hazardous driving, hydroplaning, and reduced visibility. Officials advised to remain off the roadways unless travel is absolutely necessary. Water is nearing the top of the banks at Henderson Falls Park, but nowhere near the underwater condition seen in the flooding several years ago. Low-lying areas in the city such as along Collins Road, are experiencing running water along the roadways, with some yards and pasture area now underwater. Streams, ditches, and rivers are running fast and strong, and of course, It’s not safe for children to be playing there. Toccoa Falls is running very heavy, but the water was still within the banks downstream of the falls.


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