Reviving a Healthy Georgia – Guidelines for Education and Children

Childcare facilities must adhere to additional COVID-19 mitigation and sanitation measures; Childcare facilities must cease all transport of children other than transport between the child's home and the facility; Child custody arrangements are not altered by the Order.

Effective immediately, all childcare facilities shall cease transporting children for any purpose other than transporting children between the place of residence and the childcare facility. To the extent possible, all permissible transportation shall be conducted in such a way that maintains Social Distancing.

No custodial arrangements are altered by the Executive Order, nor shall any portion of the Executive Order be used as a defense for any action in violation of a custody arrangement.

No school is prevented from requiring faculty and staff to attend meetings or other necessary activities at a school or facility for the purposed of supporting distance learning, research, administration, maintenance or preparation for the 2020-21 school year.

All childcare facilities are required to meet standard hygiene, sanitation and disinfection standards required by licensing, and must meet all requirements under Georgia’s Shelter In Place Order for businesses not identified as Critical Infrastructure. For all childcare learning center and other childcare facilities, the term “single location” refers to a single classroom.

In addition, all childcare facilities must implement the following additional measures:

Adjustments have been made to Georgia Code to ensure that no youth will age out of the care of the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services and all children shall remain eligible to remain in the placement and continue to receive services for a duration of 90 days following the termination of the Public Health State of Emergency or any Extension.


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