Recount confirmed for Hatchett/Hall Senate race

A recount of all votes cast in the Aug. 11 runoff election for the Georgia State Senate District 50 seat, between candidates Stacy Hall and Bo Hatchett, will be conducted Monday, Aug. 31.

Final vote counts in the Runoff election, certified in a press release by Georgia Secretary of State dated yesterday, Aug. 26, show Hatchet (12,492 / 50.07%) with a 37-vote lead over Hall (12,455 / 49.93%).

The vote-type counts were as follows:


Election Day Votes: 4,546

Absentee by Mail Votes: 3,515

Advanced Voting Votes: 4,387

Provisional Votes: 7


Election Day Votes: 5,011

Absentee by Mail Votes: 3,179

Advanced Voting Votes: 42,93

Provisional Votes: 9

By-county votes were as follows:


Stacy Hall 1,400 / 54.77%

Bo Hatchett 1,156 / 45.23%


Stacy Hall 1,768 / 65.63%

Bo Hatchett 926 / 34.37%


Stacy Hall 2,598 / 36.74%

Bo Hatchett 4,473 / 63.26%


Stacy Hall 243 / 63.61% Bo Hatchett 139 / 36.39%


Stacy Hall 1,534 / 50.56%

Bo Hatchett 1,500 / 49.44%


Stacy Hall 1,587 / 52.02%

Bo Hatchett 1,464 / 47.98%


Stacy Hall 1,447 / 55.68%

Bo Hatchett 1,152 / 44.32%


Stacy Hall 1,878 / 52.75%

Bo Hatchett 1,682 / 47.25%

Email from Georgia Secretary of State Liaison Axiver Harris to Stephens County Registrar Eureka Gober

Aug. 27, 2002 / 4:53 p.m.

Good Afternoon,

Chris Harvey (Elections Division Director) will be sending instructions either today or tomorrow for a recount that will be ordered for this coming Monday on State Senate District 50.


Aug. 26

Dear Secretary Raffensperger,

Today, your office certified the election results for State Senate District 50. There were 24,947 votes cast in the runoff election held August 11, 2020 whereby the difference was just 37 votes, or 0.1`4% of the vote.

Per O.C.G.A. 21-2-495if the difference between two candidates in a runoff is not more than one-half of 1 percent of the total votes cast, a candidate shall have the right to a recount of the votes case. Such a request must be made in writing to the Secretary of State's office within two business days following the State's Certification of the election.

Please consider this my official request for a recount of this election.

In addition, I have heard a number of alarming reports on how absentee ballots were handled in Stephens County for the Aug. 11 election. I can confirm that many voters who requested absentee ballots never received them while others received absentee ballots as late as the Monday prior to the election, making it impossible to meet the deadline. Many of these voters were elderly or had medical conditions and were either advised not to vote in person due to COVID or were not physically able to. Thus, absentee ballots were their only methods of voting. As a result, these voters were not able to vote or their returned absentee ballots missed the deadline and did not count. These disenfranchised voters have a right to vote and i believe this situation merits the Secretary of State Office's immediate attention.


Aug. 26

(ATLANTA)-Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger certified the results of the August 11, 2020 statewide general primary and nonpartisan general election runoff. Raffensperger affirms that all relevant counties have provided the total votes cast to the state and that the returns are a true and correct tabulation. Official results of the local, state, and federal races are available on the Secretary of State’s election night reporting website.

Candidates seeking a recount must request one within two business days after certification. Under O.C.G.A. § 21-2-495, a recount can be requested by the second-place candidate if the difference in votes between the winning candidate and second-place candidate is not more than 0.5% of the total votes cast in the race.

ConnectLocal will update this article with details regarding the recount as soon as they are made available.

NOTE: Several reports - on social media as well as local media outlets - have indicated conflict and concerns within, and about, the Stephens County Elections Office, the Registrar, the election process and various other elections-related topics. ConnectLocal spent several hours today, Aug. 27, speaking with Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs, Stephens County Registrar Eureka Gober, Stephens County Board of Elections members Lori Duke Jones and Sean Black, Stephens County Commission Attorney Brian Ranck and other elections officials, and will be publishing an in-depth report tomorrow.


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