No confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Stephens County, assures Stephens County Hospital

According to the March 18 morning update provided by Van Loskoski, Vice President of Physician Practice at Stephens County Hospital, the hospital has performed COVID-19 tests on four people; one has shown negative results and three are pending. One individual has been hospitalized, the remainder are self-quarantining at home, he said.

“There are no positive cases in Stephens County,” he stated.

Hospital staff and administration is continuing to work with the Department of Public Health, the CDC, LabCorps and Quest Diagnostics to make sure the hospital has access to test kits, Loskoski said. “But we still have limited test kits on hand, so we are offering those tests to those potential carriers at greatest risk for the virus.”

High-risk populations include the elderly, especially those with other health factors such as diabetes, lung disease or heart disease.

“We have been speaking with the Department of Public Health regularly, and they have been extremely complementary of our preparedness, and said we are as prepared as any facility of our size that they’ve seen in the state,” he said.

Loskoski reminded citizens to follow identified “best practices” for social distancing and hygiene. He also stressed the importance of calling ahead to a primary health care provider’s office if an individual is concerned they may have contracted COVID-19. Calling ahead allows for safety precautions against spread of any potential infection and for providing efficient care.

Sole access to the hospital continues to be through the emergency department and the labor and delivery department.

Starting today, each patient will be allowed to designate one support person for the duration of their stay at the hospital. That person will be issued a wristband and will be the only visitor allowed entrance to the hospital for that patient.

The cafeteria remains open for patients, staff and visitors, but is closed to the general public.

The following notification has been posted for the Clary and Wilkinson Care Centers:

Due to the current situation with the COVID19 Virus we will be following the CDC recommendations and limiting visitors beginning immediately. At this time, we ask that only immediate family visit. Upon arriving at the Homes, you will need to use the front entrance at both homes. We will be doing a general screening on everyone before you proceed to the resident areas. We would ask that you schedule your visit between the hours of 9:00am and 5:30pm when screeners are available. If you need to visit outside of this window, please contact the office for assistance. 706-282-5600. We ask that if you have had any of the signs and/or symptoms of this virus that you defer your visit until a later date. Should this virus become an increased threat, please be aware that it may be necessary to implement further visiting restrictions. Thank you in advance for understanding and helping us in the effort of keeping our residents and staff safe and healthy.


Yesterday's numbers:

As of this point, we have tested three individuals for the virus. We have no positive cases at this point. We have two results pending. We have one negative result; no patients have been hospitalized at this point,” said Van Loskoski, Vice President of Physician Practice at Stephens County Hospital. “At this point, four patients are quarantined at home; three of those are still under quarantine pending results and monitoring.”

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