McCoy: A propensity for flight

Calvin Anthony McCoy, who has eluded law enforcement officers since his Wednesday morning escape from the Stephens County Jail, has a history of fleeing law enforcement officers.

“On the 5th day of December, accused did cause substantial physical harm or visible bodily harm to Brittany Lynn Thornhill … and did then and there unlawfully escape from a lawful custody...” states a 2016 Stephens County Grand Jury indictment against McCoy.

“McCoy was handcuffed and while being placed in the rear seat of (the) patrol car after being placed under arrest for Battery FVA (Family Violence Act) when he took off and ran on foot. Mr. McCoy was later found and transported to Stephens County Jail,” states the Dec. 5 2016 affidavit for McCoy’s arrest.

McCoy allegedly eluded officers again in the spring of 2019. According to court paperwork, an officer patrolling Big A Road observed two males walking south around midnight on March 7, 2019.

“One of the subjects, Calvin McCoy, walked and had the same build like the guy that was on Quincys surveillance cameras when it got burglarized. Due to the burglaries in the area, I got out with them to ID them,” states the report. “The shorter white male had on a backpack. I advised them that they fit the description of the people burglarizing restaurants. I asked the unknown male what he had in his book bag, he replied just clothes. I asked him to let me see and that’s when McCoy started to walk toward the other side of the street. I gave him a lawful command to stop and he took off running. I took off behind and lost him in the woods behind Rite Aid. The other subject took off behind South State Bank. All units then showed up and started searching for the subjects. The (K9) unit, Lacey, from Alto was contacted to come to the scene. The (K9) could not pick up the suspect’s scent. All units stayed in the area but the suspects were not located. A warrant was secured for the Calvin McCoy subject for obstruction. His girlfriend … was advised that McCoy would have a warrant out for him and that if she was caught with him she would face charges also.”

At the time of McCoy’s alleged burglary in May, 2019, he again fled officers.

“...the said accused, in the County of Stephens and State of Georgia, on or about the 22nd day of May, 2019, did unlawfully without authority and with the intent to commit a theft therein, enter a building, located at 790 Big A Road, Toccoa, GA, the property of Osaka Express Japanese Cuisine and Li Yong Ly...” During the alleged burglary, McCoy “did unlawfully have on his person a knife having a blade of three inches in length.” Upon being commanded to stop by a Stephens County Sheriff’s Deputy, McCoy “did willfully and knowingly obstruct (the officer) by fleeing on foot,” states the January Stephens County Grand Jury indictment.

McCoy, who turned 25 on Dec. 18, has been incarcerated in the Stephens County jail since September 2019 after he was apprehended on a warrant in connection with the May 2019 burglary. He was indicted by the January Term of the 2020 Stephens County Grand Jury on Jan. 6 for one count burglary in the second degree, one count possession of a knife during commission of a felony, one count criminal damage to property in the second degree, one count obstruction of an officer, and one count possession of drug related objects. He is scheduled for arraignment on Feb. 4 on those charges.

Calvin Anthony McCoy

Birthdate: 12/18/1994

Sex: male,

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 150

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown


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