Local home health aides struggle with protective gear shortages; request help from community

As hospital facilities clinics and assisted living facilities throughout the state continue to scramble to provide their staff with the proper protective gear in the face of covens easy transmittable, there is a sector of the healthcare industry that has received little notice, despite the fact that they deal with the most at risk population on a regular basis.

ConnectLocal received a request from Samantha Leigh, a Personal Care Assistant who lives in Stephens County and provides in-home care for Stephens County residents through A&C Private Home Care, and can provide documentation and verification of local residency and her employment.

She and her coworkers are seeking the protective gear such as face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer that they need to continue their services to at-risk people in Stephens County.

“We have been reusing and washing our N95 masks to the point that they are almost non-wearable,” she told ConnectLocal. “Our patients are like our family! We love them unconditionally and want to offer the best care possible.”

All available protective gear is being routed to local hospitals, as it should be, she said, but explained that home aides and caregivers are also in need of the important safety supplies, both for the safety of their clients and themselves.

“We are not asking for anything for free. We are willing to pay. We have been providing food, paper products, and water for our patients put of our own pockets for the past four weeks, as they are high risk and under quarantine,” she said. “Please! We are desperate and begging at this point for any help. Again we are in no way asking for a hand out, but simply a hand up if possible.”

If any ConnectLocal reader has access to any resources that could help them, out please contact Samantha directly.


404-573-9107 (Please text as I may be with a patient)


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