Licensed to Drive: but still must test

Gov. Kemp terminates suspension of on-the-road portion of testing to obtain a driver's license; any driver who obtained licensee without on-the-road test has until Sept. 30 to complete the test.

Provisions set forth in Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s Executive Order regarding testing for drivers’ licenses have been terminated as of yesterday, according to Kemp’s newest COIVID-19 Executive Order.

On April 23, Kemp’s EO allowed for driver's license applicants to acquire their driver’s license without completing the comprehensive on-the-road test. The wording of the original order left some question as to whether the on-the-road test would be permanently waived for those drivers, or if the test would need to be made up.

Today’s EO immediately terminated the suspension of on-the-road tests and stipulated that every driver who was granted a license without completing that portion of the process would be required to schedule and complete the on-the-road test no later than September 30, 2020. The order stated that the DDS would formulate the process, and said that the on-the-road test could be completed with an examiner in the car with the applicant during the test, or by “remote” means, but did not specify what those remote means may be or how that would be conducted.

THE ORDER Regarding the Department of Driver Services and on-the-road driving exams

Terminates the “Drivers Services” section of EO as of yesterday, May 11.

Clarifies that the waiver of the on-the-road test for drivers licensing was only temporary, and mandates that all individuals who received drivers licenses without completing an on-the-road-test will need to take the test in order to retain their drivers license.

The Department of Drivers Services will promulgate a process for all drivers who have been awarded a drivers license without completing an on-the-road test to complete said test no later than Sept. 30, 2020.

On-the-road tests may be administered by DDS examiners riding in the vehicle with the applicants during the test, or by “remote means.” No indication is give as to what is referred to by “remote means.”

Effective May 12. Order renewable or amendable at governor’s decision by communication media, including social media, without the need for further Executive Orders.


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