Inmate escapes from Stephens County Jail; still at large

Updated: Jan 16

Calvin McCoy, age 24, is still at large this evening after eluding law enforcement officers since early this morning.

McCoy, who is charged with burglary at a local restaurant, is "not considered dangerous," according to Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley. He is 5'11", 150 pounds, last seen wearing tennis shoes, tan pants and a white t-shirt that would now be muddy from being in Toccoa Creek, according to Shirley, who said McCoy also has tattoos on his cheekbone and throat.

Citizens, especially in the Prather Bridge Road/Old Rothell Road/Camp Mikell Road/Highview Road area, are advised to keep their house and car doors locked and to call 9-1-1 if they see anyone matching McCoy's description.

McCoy, who was on an inmate work crew that was unloading food from a delivery truck inside the Stephens County Jail's fenced-in area this morning, escaped by climbing over the fence.

"While my staff had turned around just for a few seconds, the jail inmate worker ran, climbed over the fence, and ran behind the jail," Shirley said, explaining that a neighbor saw McCoy run through his yard. With additional manpower from Georgia State patrol, and bloodhounds and handlers from Lee Arrendale State Prison, along with helicopter support, law enforcement officials searched for McCoy throughout the day.

"Once the bloodhounds from the Lee Arrendale Prison arrived, they were immediately able to pick up the inmate's scent and ran through the wooded area down to Toccoa Creek," Shirley said. "All day long the bloodhounds have run in circles where he (McCoy) has circled the area."

At 4 p.m., officials were still actively searching for McCoy, and did not indicate if the search would continue once darkness fell.

"It's just 8 minutes after 4 p.m., and we're still on his trail," Shirley said.


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