Georgia COVID-19 mortality rate on a downward slope

Although Georgia has not eliminated COVID-19, the number of new confirmed cases, new hospitalizations and new fatalities each day are all declining.

GDPH COVID-19 Update for April 25

GDP COVID-19 Update for April 25 - Stephens County

April 25 saw a larger upswing in confirmed cases for Stephens County than in previous reports. Without having access to the number of tests performed to know if there was a concurrent increase in the number of tests performed that may account for that upswing, it is difficult to know what significance that upswing has.

Cumulative totals on April 25 for total tests conducted (top left), Confirmed Cases (top right) , hospitalizations for COVID treatment, and Deaths due to Covid. Cumulative total graphs are often mistakenly used to show that the Georgia has not "flattened the curve." Cumulative totals will continue to rise as long a there are any additional cases, hospitalizations or deaths. The emphasis behind the "Flatten the Curve" effort, as utilized to gain support for restrictive measures such as Social Distancing and Shelter-In-Place, with the attendant mandated closures of private businesses enforced by the government, was not to eliminate the virus, or even to lessen the number of cases, hospitalizations, or deaths, but instead, to slow the rate of transmission in order to avoid overwhelming Georgia hospitals.

A review of the number of new hospitalizations for COVID-19 treatment show an expected non-linear progression, but other than the significant spike on April 6, hospitalizations in Georgia did not experience a continually climbing rate of hospitalizations on a statewide level. While specific regions - Georgia's 'hotspots' such as Atlanta, Albany, Bartow and now Habersham - have experienced much higher rates of virus transmission, the state as a whole has maintained a more level rate of serious medical complications from the virus.

Review of fatality statistics on a day-by-day basis as opposed to a cumulative view, shows that the rate of deaths due to complications from COVID-19 are decreasing statewide in Georgia, even though there are hotspots where death counts are still rising sharply, as a state, there is a slowdown in the number of deaths due to COVID-19.

In addition to keeping the rate of transmission slower - and ind doing so, reducing the number of advanced or extreme medical care that need to be treated at any one specific time, a review of the statistics show an overall lower rate of transmission, hospitalization and death than initially believed


Charts provided by the Georgia Department of Public Health for both confirmed cases, and deaths, show a rolling total of "averaged" deaths and cases help in removing aberrant swings, spikes and dips in statistics.


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