Georgia: Confirmed COVID-19 still clustered around Atl, but spreading west slowly

According to the daily update from the Georgia Department of Public Health, there are now 197 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Georgia. The death toll remains at 1. North and South Carolina confirmed cases increase, but remains zero in counties adjoining Northeast Georgia.

Stephens and adjoining counties remain clear of any confirmed cases, but there are now five cases in Clarke County and three in Hall County. Fulton County remains the hardest-hit with 49 cases.

Males account for 54 percent of confirmed cases, females account for 46 percent. those age 60 and above account for 39 percent of confirmed cases, those 18-59 account for 43 percent, those under the age of 17 account for 2 percent, and there as 16 percent where the age is identified as unknown.

In South Carolina, the state Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) announced they are investigating 14 new cases of COVID-19; bringing the number of confirmed cases to 47, ranging across 13 separate counties. There has been one COVID-19 fatality in South Carolina. One of the new case is in Greenville County, the remainder are in central or eastern SC. There are two confirmed cases in Anderson County and there is now two confirmed cases in Greenville County.

In North Carolina, there are 63 confirmed cases, zero deaths, and 1,850 completed tests. all of the confirmed cases in North Carolina are in the central or eastern section of the state. There are no confirmed cases in any of the counties adjoining Georgia.


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