Early processing for Runoff Election ballots begins tomorrow

ConnectLocal will be on hand when early processing and scanning of early voting ballots begins tomorrow. CL is also working to arrange for last-minute interviews with all candidates in light of the number of citizens still undecided between candidates. Submission of questions for the candidates is welcome via email or messenger only.

ConnectLocal has heard from an unusually large number of readers who have expressed atypical uncertainty - this late in the game - about who they are going to vote for in the Runoff Elections. Both the State Senator District 50 seat and the US Representative District 9 seat on the Republican Ballot have been contentious, and have drawn much attention. Both seats have seen negative campaigning – in most circumstances, all candidates deny knowledge of or involvement with the negative campaign efforts.

ConnectLocal had no intention of doing extensive candidate coverage for the runoff – but with the scheduling of early processing of ballots tomorrow, I have cancelled my trip to Florida for my PWX races this weekend, and will be staying in town to cover the start of the absentee ballot processing. And since I will be in town, and because I have so many readers.. so many citizens… that still have questions about the candidates, I am contacting all six of the candidates that will be on Tuesday’s ballots, and asking them to meet with me for a 10-15 minute video taped interview to be posted to ConnectLocal on Monday.

While this is a last-minute effort, and it is a possibility that some, or all, of the candidates will not chose to, or be able to meet with me tomorrow or over the weekend, I am hoping that the candidates will put a priority on providing the information that voters are seeking. Additionally, it is also a consideration to address....how available will your elected officials be for You in an emergency situation?

Citizens are invited to email or message me questions that they would like to see included in these interviews. Please do not post the questions in comments on the Facebook page, as that leads to too much controversy on the page, and questions may get lost in the shuffle. Please email them to me at editor@connectlocal.news, or message me at https://www.facebook.com/SouthernShutterbug.

Races that are on the Runoff Election Ballots, and candidates I will be seeking to meet with to discuss their campaigns:

  • State Senator, District 50 run-off between Republicans Bo Hatchett and Stacy Hall

  • United States Representative, District 9 run-off between Republicans Andrew Clyde and Matt Gurtler

  • United States Representative, District 9 run-off between Democrats Devin Pandy and Brooke Siskin


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