Dining OK, drinking and dancing still on the “forbidden” list

Georgia bars and nightclubs will remain closed until Sunday, May 31, at 11:59 p.m. according to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s newest COVID-19 Executive Order.

Announced at a press conference this afternoon, May 12, the updated version of the April 23 Reviving A Healthy Georgia Executive Order (EO extends the mandated closure of all bars, nightclubs and live performance venues.

Quincys of Toccoa joins many Toccoa/Stephens County restaurants abiding by state-required measures to open dine-in services safely.

This latests EO, which goes into effect May 14 after the expiration of the current EO on May 13, will expire on May 31 at 11:59 p.m, unless extended by the Governor.

Under the new EO, all businesses that are not identified as Critical Infrastructure and not specifically mandated closed (bars, nightclubs, live performance venues) must continue to adhere to the full list of measures indicated in the April 23 Order, with two exceptions:

Under the April 23 EO dine-in services in restaurants were limited to ten patrons per 500 square feet, and the maximum party size at a single table was limited to six people. Under the new EO, restaurants are limited to ten patrons per 300 square feet, and the maximum number of people allowed at a single table is increased to 10 people.

Other measures that were mandated for restaurants in order to offer dine-in services under the April 23 CO, and that still remain mandatory under today’s EO, include:

  • All employees must wear masks or face coverings..

  • No self-service drink, utensil, or condiment stations.

  • Encouraging the use of disposable menus.

  • Discontinuing salad bars and buffets.

  • Thoroughly sanitizing tables and any other commonly used items by guests.

  • Using rolled silverware and no presetting of tables.

  • Encouraging reservation-only.

  • Posting signs at the entrance stating no one is allowed in the restaurant who is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or a fever over 100.4

  • Using contactless pay options when possible.

  • Providing hand sanitizer or additional hand-washing stations for staff and patrons.

  • Not allowing people to congregate in waiting areas.

  • Prioritizing takeout and delivery over dine-in service when possible.

A full copy of restaurant-related measures and guidelines are included below:

NOTE: The term “Shall” is a mandate, the term “should” is a non-mandatory suggestion or recommendation.


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