County employees returning to regular shifts, city considering extending operational changes

Stephens County workers will return to normal work schedules Monday; City of Toccoa may extend operational restrictions.

Starting Monday, April 27, Stephens County employees will return to work on regular in-office hours, County Adminstrator told ConnectLocal late yesterday. Currently, many employees are working in split shifts, working from home, or working rotating schedules with coworkers.

Operational restrictions such as teleconferenced County Commission meetings and the cancellation of all Senior Center activities will remain in place for the time being, she said.

All county recreational event cancellations are still in place at this moment, but Recreation Department and county staff will meet on Monday to discuss a process for scheduling the safe addition of limited activities over time.

The City of Toccoa is not yet making any changes to scheduling or activities.

“At this time no adjustments are planned to the operational changes already in place through April23rd. In fact I expect we may continue them,” City Manager Billy Morse told ConnectLocal.


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