Accusations of kidnapping, assault against Alto man end in arrest of accused and accuser

Gainesville woman alleged that an Alto male kidnapped her at gunpoint, took her to his house and "made sexual advances." After further investigation, accuser charged with False Statements, accused charged with Sexual Battery.

On Thursday, Aug. 20, Miracle Bishop (20), of Gainesville, filed a report with the Habersham County Sheriff's Office in reference to an incident that had occurred in the area of Alto/Mud Creek Road earlier that day, according to reports from the Habersham County Sheriff's Office.

According to Bishop, Douglas Burton (61) of Alto, stopped his pickup truck where she was walking along Mud Creek Road and forced her into the truck by threatening her with a gun. Bishop further reported that Burton took her to his residence, forced her inside the residence, and made several sexual advances towards her. While Burton went to retrieve something from another room in the residence, Bishop ran out of the residence and into the surrounding wood line.

Habersham County Sheriff's Office criminal investigators were able to corroborate specific details of the reported incident and found facts sufficient to establish probable cause for Burton's arrest. Burton was initially charged with one count of Kidnapping, one count of False Imprisonment, one count of Pointing a Gun at Another, and one count of Sexual Battery.

Following the arrest of Burton, additional information was discovered that led investigators to re-interview the complainant to ensure the full integrity of the case and to pursue the complete truth through vigilant investigation.

During this re-interview, investigators were able to obtain information from the alleged victim that maintained the facts surrounding the sexual battery but diluted the veracity of the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping, false imprisonment and weapons charges.

As a result, Bishop has now been charged with one misdemeanor count of False Report of a Crime and one felony count of False Statements for her misleading of the investigation.

Bishop and Burton are both currently being held at the Habersham County Detention Center.


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