2020 Focus Candidate Guide: Candidate question submissions invited

Updated: Apr 23

ConnectLocal re-sets schedule for video candidate interviews and candidate profiles. Submission of questions for the candidates are being accepted though this Saturday, April 25 at Noon.

Update: With Gov. Brian Kemps announcement that Georgia will soon begin the long process of returning to a non COVID-centered life, ConnectLocal is working on conducting video candidate interviews for the single contested local race and candidate profiles and platform analysis for state and federal level elections and non-contested local races.

On Tuesday, April 21, Georgia Elections officials began mailing out absentee ballots for the June 9 Presidential Preference Primary/General Primary Election/Nonpartisan General Election, and Special Election.

In an effort to make information available to all voters, including those who elect to vote via absentee ballot, ConnectLocal.News will be scheduling our initial 2020 Focus: Candidates special throughout the week beginning Monday, May 4.

The format for 2020 Focus: Candidates will be as follows:


Contested race

Stephens County Sheriff: The candidates for Stephens County Sheriff will be contacted by ConnectLocal to arrange an individual, video recorded interview with each candidate. The interview will be conducted in a debate format, with the candidate being given a 1-minute introduction in which to introduce himself, identifying any relevant experience, offices and organization memberships. ConnectLocal will then ask a pre-selected set of questions, and the candidate will be given 2 minutes to respond to each question. Questions will be selected by ConnectLocal with input from community members prior to the interviews. The questions will be exactly the same for each candidate, and candidates will not be given access to the selected questions prior to the interview. Following the questions, the candidate will be given 2 minutes to make a closing statement.

Non-Contested Races

Although candidates in non-contested races face no opposition with whom to debate, citizens deserve to know each candidate's current platform and goals. ConnectLocal will contact each candidate obtain the candidates biography, and their response to three pre-selected questions related to the office.


ConnectLocal will compile a thorough bio for each candidate for state and federal offices. In addition, ConnectLocal will contact each candidate by email, providing a set of questions that can be answered via email. The questions will be pre-selected by ConnectLocal with input from citizens, and will be the same questions for all candidates of a particular office. ConnectLocal will make every attempt to contact any candidates who fails to respond to the email by a to-be-determined deadline in order to provide every opportunity to participate in the Focus 2020 Candidate analysis.

Citizens wishing to suggest questions for the candidates of any race are invited to contact ConnectLocal.News at editor@connectlocal.news.


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