$2 trillion economic recovery package on it's way to President Trump's desk

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A little more than an hour ago, the US House of Representatives passed the CARES Act, a $2 Trillion stimulus package that provides direct payments to Americans, expansion of unemployment insurance, billions in business loans and aid to hospitals in response to COVID-19 impacts. The legislation, approved with bipartisan support with a unanimous vote yesterday in the US Senate will now head to President Trump’s desk, and he is expected to sign it before end of day.

ConnectLocal is a local news service, without the sources to adequately cover national news, nor do we have expertise in fiscal analysis. As such, we are not providing in-depth coverage of the bill, However, we have provided a series of links to reputable news sources that have the necessary expertise to provide analysis and insights into the contents of the stimulus bill. I have checked each link to verify the factual content, as well as assuring a non-biased, non-political discussion of the legislation.

If anyone has any specific part of the bill they have questions on, or any questions regarding the impacts of the CARES Act, please feel free to comment or message me, and we will do the research necessary to provide the answer to your questions.

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