Toccoa Police Department & Stephens County Sheriff's Office

Incident & Arrest Reports

Criminal Court Adjudications 

Note: Only two months of data will be kept on the website. Archived reports in table form will be rolled onto a linked GoogleSheet beginning on or about June 15. For those accessing the Crimes & Courts Database on a mobile device: Each Row is a separate incident report or arrest report. If you Click the right-pointing arrow at the right hand side of the Date Column, the listing for that date entry will drop down, showing Agency, Incident location, Officer Narrative if available, Arrestees (if there were any) and charges, as well as an indication of whether there is an associated booking photo in the gallery below. The booking photo gallery lists ONLY the individual's name, all charges will be included in the incident or arrest report in the table only. 

Listed charges are alleged crimes - all individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. ConnectLocal makes every effort to publish not only arrest reports, court dockets and indictments, but court adjudications, including pleas, settlements and convictions, and dropped or reduced charges. Any individual who has been included in a published law enforcement or court report by ConnectLocal and does not see record of their dropped charges or other legal resolution is invited to provide documentation of such to be published in the next appropriate court or law enforcement report published by ConnectLocal.News.

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